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Monster High Dolls Review: Adventures of Ghoul Squad – Gobsmacked



Monster High Dolls Review: Adventures of Ghoul Squad – Gobsmacked

Typically, humans would read and study about monsters; but in this case, it’s the other way around. During September 1st’s episode of Monster High: Adventures of the Ghoul Squad entitled Gobsmacked, we see that the girls are concerned about human tests. They’re also struggling with monster problems.


What Happened Here?

The episode starts with Dracula giving a lecture on humans and how they don’t like being dirty (to the surprise of all monsters in class). Dracula also announces that tomorrow is test day for Humanology.

The ghoul squad notices that one of their classmates, Gob, is eating his textbook without having read it once, but they are trying to excuse it as him being nervous about the test.

After class, the girls have a reunion, and they are joined by Fangelica, Draculaura’s adopted sister. They want to have a “ghoul’s night,” but their plans are put to a stop when Dracula tells them that Draculaura has to study.

Meanwhile, the Ghoul Squad girls (sans Draculaura) get wind of the fact that Gob ran off after seeing a picture of a human. They eventually learned that the reason he was so freaked was that he was afraid of humans. To get him over his fears, they dressed Gob as a human and sent him to see his face. This way, he learned first-hand about humans.

The two girls, Fangelica and Draculaura eventually have a secret party that was eventually busted by Dracula. They sweet-talk him into letting them have their ghoul’s night, and Dracula joins them both. In fact, they had so much fun that Dracula came to class the next day and announced there would be no test – simply because he was too much in a good mood!

Gob hit the desk dejected, remembering all the things he had to go through yesterday in order to pass the test.




Our Take on the Episode

The farther you get into this episode, the funnier it gets. Gob reminds us of the difficulties of taking a class that we dislike – as well as the dejection that we get when we find out that a test we went through hell to master has actually been canceled.

Dracula has also become a base character and by far the favorite of the masses. Bringing comic relief and personality that is not boring or annoying, he brings a smile each time he enters the scene.

It’s funny to see how in pretty much every episode, the Monster Mapalogue gets stolen. This time, Gob ate it and ran off. The situations are always comical, and it always stresses the girls out because they need it to travel and find other monsters.

The graphics are getting better and better by the episode. You can clearly see that they are improving with the color work and that they are in a much better sync.


Final Thoughts

Overall, this was a cute episode, where we explore the themes of both friendship and family. Even if you were originally skeptical of the new take of Monster High, by now you’ll have warmed up to it.


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