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Monster High Dolls Review: Adventures of Ghoul Squad – Gargoyles and Water



Monster High Dolls Review: Adventures of Ghoul Squad – Gargoyles and Water

The 6th episode entitled “Gargoyles and Water” has the monsters dealing with a leaky roof problem that can only be fixed be a gargoyle. The adventure moves to Paris, a city full of glamour that would touch the ghoul’s stylish bone.


What Happened Here?

The ghouls are getting ready for the art show at Monster High, but the leaky roof keeps bringing them a lot of trouble. All the girls show off their work – except for Clawdeen, who says that she’s still “working on it.” In truth, however, she had no idea how to even start the project.

The leaky roof was becoming more and more of a problem, and after talking with Dracula, they realized that they needed a gargoyle to get the work done. Cleo, Lagoona, Frankie, and Draculaura went to Paris to look for a gargoyle while Clawdeen stayed with Abby.

Seeing Abbey work so graciously with the ice, she gets an idea that could get her through the art project – which in the end, we find out is an ice sculpture.

Back in Paris, the ghouls find a gargoyle called Rochelle Goyle – but she can’t leave thanks to the other gargoyle (Rocks-Pierre) that keeps ruining her roofs. Eventually, we find out that Rocks-Pierre was only destroying everything because he wanted to learn how to fix roofs. Therefore, by making holes continuously, he would watch Rochelle fix them and learn.

The girls find out about this, and after capturing Rocks-Pierre, Rochelle teaches him how to fix roofs. Once they are sure he won’t put any more holes, the ghouls return to Monster High and fix the leaky roof problem. And with that, they also convinced Rochelle to remain there.




Our Take on the Episode

Once more, we have a half-half scenario: Abbey and Clawdeen on one end, and the other girls on the other end. Still, even though the plotline has been separated, there’s still a nice flow going. Even though they follow different activities, they always meet up at the end of the episode.

We’re glad to see that Rochelle’s style didn’t change much with the Generation 2 style – except for, perhaps, her skirt. She has the same multicolored hair, the same funky yet classy clothing style, and the same adorable personality.

There were no noticeable improvements to the graphics; it’s still sketchy, the way it was since the first episode. Perhaps the only thing that got better was the flow – that, or we already got so used to it by now that we are no longer bothered by it.

The comedy part of the episode was also great. Cleo’s easily distracted mind and Abbey’s blunt replies pulled out a chuckle from all of us, which turned the episode into a success.

Final Thoughts

Overall, this was a very good episode. It was funny when it had to be, and the intrigue came at the right time. The graphics will still take a little getting used to, but overall, it’s getting better the more you watch it.


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