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Monster High Dolls Review: Adventures of Ghoul Squad – Boo-tiful Music


Monster High Dolls Review: Adventures of Ghoul Squad – Boo-tiful Music

The episode entitled Boo-tiful Music was released on September 8th, and it follows the girls through some ancient catacombs as they are looking for a new monster to bring to their school. Still, each catacomb has its traps, and the girls need to think quickly if they want to avoid all the decoys.


What Happened Here?

While helping Venus and Frankie find some music for their science project, the Ghoul Squad finds another article of a magical creature that has been recently sighted. Realizing that it was probably another monster like them, they decided to go look for it, leaving Frankie and Venus mind their science project.

Heading off to the library, the ghouls run into Toralei, who laughs at them and tells them to stop looking for new monsters. However, after reading an article that catches her interest, she begs them to take her with them because she “did some soul searching.” The girls don’t believe her but take her along nonetheless.

Before leaving, they get the info from Dracula that where there’s music, the monster is involved – so they follow the sound of music. Back at Monster High, Frankie and Venus have their own music problems, with their project taking a liking to rock music. Unable to lower the volume down, the plant only grows and wreaks havoc through the school as it is headbanging to the tune.

Back to the cave, the girls find a phantom ghoul named Operetta that is playing the banjo. She explains that she loves the cave because it has wonderful acoustics – and that is when the girls realized that there were diamonds on the floor.

After Toralei’s attempt to steal the diamonds (apparently, that was her goal all along), she picks up the wrong one and causes the cave to collapse. No longer with a home, they take Operetta to the school, where she comes face to face with the rock-loving plant. However, once it heard the tunes of the banjo, the plant calmed down.




Our Take on the Episode

As usual with Adventures of Ghoul Squad episodes, the group is never complete on an adventure, and the plotline is split into two. Frankie remained with Venus at the school while the other girls went monster-searching.

This is the episode that marks Operetta’s first appearance in Generation 2. While the style may be a bit different, she still retained the same freaky-fabulous looks. The suspenders are particularly cute, and while the original “Operetta style” is there, it still looks different – yet very pretty.

Toralei also got a new voice, which pleased many viewers – and upset many others.

Final Thoughts

While this episode makes you miss the old Monster High, it’s still great to see all the characters coming back. This only makes you more eager about the episode yet to come, because there are so many ghoulish old characters that still have to make an appearance.


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